Horizon Leadership Application

The purpose of the Horizon Leadership Ambassador program is to provide an opportunity for Youth, Young Adults and Young Couples, selected to represent their state at a National Grange convention, to build their leadership potential; broaden their view of the Grange by experiencing a National Convention; receive educational training to use in their own states; and build relationships with Grangers throughout the nation by having fun.

The National Grange Horizon Leadership Ambassador program is an opportunity for youth selected by their state to participate in activities as guests of The Grange Foundation, Youth Leadership Fund.

Each state may send two youth (preferably, but not limited to one male, one female) and two young adults or a young couple, who meet the following criteria:

  • Youth ambassadors must be 16-21 years of age at the time of their state selection, have observed their 16th birthday, but not their 23rd birthday by December 31 of the year they attend the National session. These individuals must also be single, never been married, may not have children and must not marry and/or have children during term of service. If under 18, must have parent’s consent.
  • Young Adults/Young Couples must be between the ages of 22-35, have observed their 22nd birthday, but not their 36th birthday by December 31 of the year they attend national session.
  • Ambassadors, Young Patrons and Young Couples must have been a Grange member for a minimum of one year at the time they attend National Session.
  • Previous State Ambassadors/Young Patrons/ Young Couples who have participated in this program at the National Grange Convention are not eligible. Exception: Young Adults who are former Youth Ambassadors are eligible to participate in the Young Patron Program.
  • Ambassadors/ Young Patrons/Young Couples must meet their state’s requirements.
  • Ambassadors/ Young Patrons/Young Couples must be able to attend the National convention to represent their state during Youth activities days. (Wednesday evening through Saturday).
  • NEW Ambassadors/Young Patrons must attend their regional conference the year they apply. They must also present a prepared speech at their regional conference. This speech will not be considered for Best of Show or selected for National. Exception: If the Ambassador/Young Patron is their state’s winner for Prepared Speech/SAS contest they will meet this requirement.
  • Ambassadors/ Young Patrons/Young Couples must attend a state session in the past two years
  • Official Application form must be completed and postmarked by September 1. Send to the National Grange Youth Development Director
  • The following letters of recommendation are to be sent with the application:
    • Person from outside the Grange (teacher/professor, Organization/Club Leader, etc.)
    • Subordinate Grange, preferably President or Secretary
    • State President or State Youth Director
      NOTE: Letters of Recommendation should be from the year of application.
  • NEW Ambassadors/Young Patrons/Young Couples must present a 30 minute workshop at National Convention
  • NEW Ambassadors/Young Patrons/Young Couples must submit the following along with their application:
    • An example of a social media post that would be used to promote membership
    • A short essay (350- 500 words) about why they want to be considered for the National Grange Youth Leadership Team
  • Horizon Leadership youth ambassadors will be housed together at the National Grange Convention with up to three other official participants per room.
  • Young Adults will be housed in the same area with up to three other official participants per room. Young couples will be housed one per room.
  • Horizon Leadership Ambassadors/ Outstanding Young Patrons will be recognized at the National Convention.
  • Ambassadors/ Young Patrons or their individual states are responsible for their own transportation, meals and lodging. Youth housing is available at National Convention for anyone who wishes.***
  • Ambassadors are required to attend the Youth Tour and Celebration Banquet.
  • The National Grange GROW Club will provide tickets for the GROW Club Dinner.
  • Youth Ambassadors/ Young Patrons are required to bring a ½ inch wide binder with photos and highlights from their year as Ambassador or Young Patron to National Session. The binders will be placed on display in the idea fair and reviewed by the judges. The binder needs to show how they have exemplified what it means to be a G.R.A.N.G.E. Youth. (See the Six Pillars for more details)
  • Young Couples will be viewed as one entity. They will apply together, but they will be interviewed separately and together at National Session when being considered for the National Grange Youth Leadership Team.

****Youth housing at the National convention will be available for any who wish to participate. If funds are available in the Grange Foundation Youth Leadership Fund financial assistance will be given for lodging and meals. If funds are not available all expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the youth participating. 

Horizon Leadership Application