National Youth Officer  Council Application

-Applications must be sent to the National Grange Youth Development Director

Purpose: The purpose of the Youth Officer Council is for Grange Youth and Young Adults to provide valuable input on current and future programming, fundraising, youth events at Annual Session, regional conferences, and other youth and young adults-focused events AND to assemble a team of Youth from across the nation to open the National Grange convention on Friday morning at the annual session. This will provide more youth with an opportunity to participate in the National Grange Convention.

Duties include –The Youth Officer Team- Opening Drill and Open the Grange at National Session AND once selected to the Youth Officer Team they will automatically serve for one year on the Youth Officer Council. (October to September)

The Youth Officers Council would be required to meet:

– Pre- Convention Meeting in October (zoom)
– In-Person in November at National Convention
– Post-Convention in December (zoom)
– And attend at least two additional meetings held on the third Sunday of even-numbered months (prior to Youth Yammerings)

  • The Grange Youth Officer Council will march in, open the Grange in the fourth degree and march out during National Grange Convention.
  • President, Vice President, Steward, A.S., L.A.S., G.K., and Chaplain have speaking parts.
  • Lecturer will need to select an opening song.
  •  Secretary will need to be prepared to call the roll of Youth officers – which will be established following the application process. Secretary is responsible for learning how to pronounce the names of the officers correctly.
  • Ceres, A.S., and L.A.S. will need to know how to present the flag properly according to the Official Flag presentation ceremony offered by the National Grange.
  • A.S. and L.A.S. may submit suggestions for the seating & retiring drill. Also, please limit the time of the opening drill to 6 minutes and the retiring drill to 3 minutes.
  • Musician applicants must submit a musical demonstration tape or CD. Musical piece should be no more than 3 minutes. Musician may make suggestions for March Music. The National Youth Development Director will screen any music suggestions for appropriateness.
  • There are 18 offices to be filled: President, Vice President, Lecturer, Steward, A.S., L.A.S., Chaplain, Treasurer, Secretary, Gatekeeper, Ceres, Pomona, Flora, and four executive committee positions and Musician.
  • Those applying for a position should be Grange members who are at least 14 years of age and not over 35 years of age.
  • The National Grange Youth Development Director may contact each applicant with additional questions during the selection process.
  • The selection process will be based on letters of recommendation as well as the application.
  • Applicants must have attended a regional conference the same year they apply and participate in the Impromptu Speech or Grange Commercial contest. If applicant is their state winner for prepared speech or sign a song contest they will fulfill this requirement.
  • Youth may not serve twice in the same office. Pomona and Flora will be considered one office as well as Executive Committee.
  • Youth Officers will participate in an Officer Meet and Greet at National Session on Wednesday night. This is a networking and learning opportunity for the Grange Youth.
  • NEW Youth Officers will be required to attend Thursday morning of session to see the delegate body at work and observe what National Grange officers do.
  • Youth Officers, or their individual states, are responsible for their own transportation, hotel costs, Youth Tour, and some meal costs. Youth housing (4 per room) at the National Convention will be available for any who wish to participate.***
  • Youth Officers are required to attend the Youth Tour and the Celebration Banquet. Youth Chaplain will be required to attend the GROW Club Banquet to give the blessing.
  • Each applicant will be notified of the results no later than September 15th, so that each has adequate time to make travel arrangements
  • Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation from a member of their local Grange –preferably President – and state youth director or state President. Letters of recommendation should be from the year of application.
  • Applicants must be committed to memorizing their speaking part if the office they are applying to fill has a speaking part. Each Applicant must be willing to comply with the dress guidelines that will be established for Youth officers.
  • Current Horizon Leadership Ambassadors and John Trimble Youth Legislative Experience delegates are not eligible to apply.

**** Youth housing at the National convention will be available for any who wish to participate. If funds are available in the Grange Foundation Youth Leadership Fund financial assistance will be given for lodging and meals. If funds are not available all expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the youth participating.


2023 National Youth Officers Team

President – JC Junkman, OR

Vice President – Jessie Jo Guttridge, OR

Lecturer – Asheton Medlin, NC

Chaplain – Alexander Coe, OR

Secretary – Jordyn Moyes, IA

Treasurer – Rachel Edelen, IA

Steward – Bryce Danko, PA

Asst. Steward – Travis Knight, OK

Lady Asst. Steward – Samantha Hanson, IA

Gatekeeper – Carter Settle, NC

Ceres – Analise Scholten, CA

Flora – Karly Denning, NC

Pomona – Samantha Hunnings, NC

Exec. Comm – Carson Lackey, NC


National Youth Officer Team Application