Regional Public Speaking Competition

(Categories Updated)

There will be three categories along with three age divisions as follows:

Youth: 14-21 years of age
Young Adults 22-35 years of age
Youth Alumni: 36+ years of age

The age of the contestant as of January 1 determines the age group. For state, regional and national public speaking contests, props will be allowed but must be appropriately sized for the room. Points can be deducted for props.

Category A: Prepared Speech

Contestant’s choice of topic – Contestants in Category A will be required to answer an impromptu question at the end of their speech. The questions will be related to the contestant’s chosen speech topic. Speeches must be a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes. Contestants may use a slide show presentation for their speech, if they so choose. A projector will be provided for use, contestants must provide their own computer and HDMI connection adapter. A paper copy of an outline must be provided for the judges.

One overall winner from each region will be selected to showcase at the National Grange Convention. To advance to the National Convention, Grangers must compete in their local region. Best of Show will only be selected from those in the Youth and Young Adult Category.

Category B: Impromptu Speech

An impromptu speech is delivered with little preparation or thought ahead of time.

  • We hope that by establishing an impromptu speech category that members will build confidence and in the future, participate in the prepared speeches or the Grange Commercial Contest
  • Impromptu speeches should be at least one minute in length and not longer than 5 minutes.
  • Time keeper will hold up hand when the 1-minute mark has been reached and then 4:30 minute mark has been reached so speaker knows when he/she can stop.
  • Participants will draw two topics, select their choice of the two and return the other one and then be given one minute to write down notes before presenting their speech.
  • Competition will be held at the Regional Conferences – You need not have participated in a state competition in order to participate.

Category C: Youth Ambassador/Young Patron Prepared Speech

State Ambassador and Young Patrons are required to give a prepared speech at their regional conference the year they apply for the National Grange Youth Leadership Team. They must present a speech on one of the following topics:

  • What does Grange mean to me?
  • What is leadership?
  • How can you apply the National Grange mission statement to your future endeavors in the Grange?

The same guidelines as Category A should be followed. Speeches in this category WILL NOT be chosen for Best of Show. Ambassadors/Young Patrons wanting to compete for Best of Show shall enter additionally in Category A.

Ribbons will be awarded to the top three entrants in each category and age division.