John Trimble Legislative Experience Application

National Convention Youth Legislative Experience will provide opportunities for one or two Grange Youth, age 16 – 35, with an interest in the legislative aspect of the National Grange to see the inner workings of committees and the grassroots legislative policy development effort at the National Grange Convention.

  • Each youth will serve on one of the legislative committees reviewing resolutions as a voting member of the committee and as a youth staff assistant to the National Grange Legislative Director. Participants will watch the delegate body take action on the resolutions and assist in other ways.
  • An individual may participate in the program a maximum of one time.
  • As a youth staff assistant, they will be assigned some additional logistical duties so that they can see how the backroom production process works at the convention. These duties will not conflict with the opportunities of seeing the National Delegates work on the floor.
  • As guests of the National Grange their room cost will be paid (which will be shared with other participants) plus meals or tickets to certain meal functions.
  • Transportation will be the participant’s responsibility.
  • Any participant who fails to comply with the guidelines set up will be expected to pay their own expenses.
  • Applications will be submitted to the National Youth Development Director, who will share applications with National Legislative Director and National President in making selection of participants and assignment to committee.
  • Applicants must attend a regional conference the year they apply and participate in the Sign-a-Song or Prepared Speech contest
  • Please include letters of recommendation from your Subordinate (community) Grange President, state youth director (if applicable) and your State Grange President.
  • Applications can be obtained from your State Youth Director, the National Youth Development Director, State President or the link below.

Applications must be postmarked by August 15 to the National Youth Development Director.

John Trimble Legislative Experience Application