John Trimble Legislative Experience Printable Application  |  Online Application

The John Trimble Legislative Experience (JTLE) provides youth and/or young adults interested in the legislative aspect of the National Grange the opportunity to see the innerworkings of committees and the grassroots legislative policy development efforts that are held at the National Grange Convention.

Up to two members will be selected to take part in the John Trimble Legislative Experience.

  • Each youth will serve on one of the National Grange Legislative Committees, where they will become a voting member of that committee. They will review and discuss resolutions given to said committee and they will help the committee with research and discussion to guide the committee in their decision-making efforts.
  • The JTLE Participant will take part in delegate training and can speak on the resolutions presented to the delegate body during the National Grange Session.
  • The JTLE Participant will also serve as a staff assistant to the National Grange Legislative Director and other National Grange staff as directed. As an assistant the participant may be given additional logistical duties and can see the inside work process of the National Grange. The participants’ additional work should not conflict with the opportunities to see the National Delegates work on the floor.


  • JTLE Participants may only participate in the program one (1) time.
  • Participants must be between 16 -25 years of age.
  • Complete applications must be sent to the National Grange Youth Director by September 1st of the year in which you are applying
  • Transportation to and from the convention as well as housing is at the expense of the participant.
  • Any participant who fails to comply with the guidelines set up will be expected to pay their own expenses.

Include the following:

  • Biography about yourself. Within your biography, please include information about your family, Grange experience, any leadership experience you have had inside and outside of the Grange (civic and service clubs, professional organizations, school, church etc.), List any awards you may have received, and any legislative experience you have had (resolution writing, state convention delegate or participant, local government interactions etc.)
  • One page document on why you want to participate in the JTLE and how you plan to use this experience in your future Grange story.
  • A 4×6 headshot photo
  • Letter of Recommendation from State President or State Youth Director


John Trimble Legislative Experience Printable Application  |  Online Application