Wib and June Community Service Award Printable Application  |  Online Application

Wib and June Justi

In partnership with the National Grange Community Service Department Community Service is and continues to be an integral part of the Grange that allows local members to interact and serve the communities where they reside. The National Grange Youth Department and the National Grange Community Service Department have partnered together to create the National Grange Wib and June Justi Youth Community Service Award.

Wib Justi served as the very first National Grange Director of youth activities. He served in that role along with his wife June for 18 years. Through their service to the young members of our organizations they found their life’s calling. The Justi’s were known for always utilizing the saying “I’d Be Delighted” This phrase has carried on through generations of the Grange and continues to this day. When a member is called upon to participate in a Grange activity or help with something many times you will hear them say “I’d Be Delighted.”

Through the work that Wib & June Justi provided to the Grange and youth across the globe we couldn’t think of a bigger honor than recognizing Grange youth and young adults in their name for their continued service to their Grange and communities. This award will be given to the youth that exemplify the life of the Justi’s and their ‘I’d Be Delighted’ attitude.

Subordinate and Pomona Granges may make a recommendation to their State Committees. Also State Presidents, State Youth Committees and/or State Community Service Committees can nominate a Grange Youth/Young Adult between the ages of 14 and 25, or a group of Grange Youth for this award.

All recommendations will be reviewed by a panel of judges and one individual or group will be selected to receive the Wib and June Justi Community Service Award. All applicants will be recognized for their efforts and receive a certificate of appreciation, while the award recipient will also have their name placed upon a plaque housed at the National Grange Headquarters as well as a personal award of appreciation.


Wib and June Community Service Award Printable Application  |  Online Application