States will be responsible for hosting a sign-a-song competition. Each state is to declare one best of show winner for their state contests. State winners will then qualify to participate in the National Grange Sign-A-Song Contest which will be held during the National Grange Convention. 1st – 3rd place winners will receive a cash prize.


Novice – one who is beginning to learn sign, has had no more than three sign language classes and has entered the sign-a-song contest no more than two years.

Hobbyist – one who signs on an occasional basis and strictly for fun. One who has entered the sign a song contest more than two years.

Group – two or more people signing.


  1. The contestant must be the best of show winner from their state.
  2. Contestant must provide music to the National Youth Director by November 1 along with their notification of entry.
  3. Day of competition contestant must provide 3 copies of their lyrics for the judges.
  4. Signers will be judged on
    1. Communications Skills- Utilization of total communications skills, sign language ability, sign clarity.
    2. Expression- Body expression/display of emotion, expression of key thoughts through body movement, mouthing words for lip reading
    3. Overall Presentation- Dressed appropriately, Confidence, Timing/Uniformity
  5. Props and Costumes are permitted.
  6. Contestants must sign their own name and song title before beginning.
  7. The contestant must inform the audience and judge what type of sign language they will be using (Pidgin , ASL, ESL, etc.)
  8. Anyone who is a professional instructor or receives money for signing may not enter and will be deemed ineligible for the National Contest- they are encouraged to participate in the state level as a demonstration only.