Novice – one who is beginning to learn sign, has had no more than three sign language classes and has entered the sign-a-song contest no more than two years.

Hobbyist – one who signs on an occasional basis and strictly for fun. One who has entered the sign a song contest more than two years.

Group – two or more people signing.

Expert – one who signs professionally. Ineligible for Best of Show, but looking for an opportunity to encourage others to participate.


  1. It is not a requirement to be a state winner to compete at a regional conference. Selection of the state winners is under the jurisdiction of the State Grange.
  2. Participants are to supply the National Youth Development Director with three copies of the words to the song they are signing prior to judging
  3. Participants must provide their own music. A Bluetooth speaker will be available. Notify the regional conference chairperson prior to the event if you will need one.
  4. Anyone who is a professional instructor or receives money for signing may only enter in the expert category. Expert category entries are ineligible for the Best of Show. If there is a professional signer in a group entry, it is only eligible in the Expert category.
  5. Signers must use total communication techniques: Sign Language, facial expressions, mouthing of words for lip reading, finger spelling if appropriate, and body movement.
  6. Participants must be Grange members.
  7. Props and costumes are permitted, rhythm is optional.
  8. Only one song may be signed during the competition performance.
  9. Participants must sign their own name and song title.
  10. Participants must inform the audience and judges what type of sign language they will be using. (Pidgin, ASL, ESL, etc.)

The Best of Show will be eligible to showcase at the National Grange Convention in November. To be eligible to participate in National Showcase, you must advance from your local region. Showcase acts will receive $100 for participating at National Session.

Sign-a-Song contestants at National Session will go through a pre-judging before presenting at Grange Awards Night.