The National Grange Youth Fair Program offers Junior Grange (age 5-14) and Grange Youth members (age 14-19) the opportunity to exhibit at county fairs and expositions that have recognized and approved the program. This program works alongside other nationally-recognized programs like 4-H and FFA.

The mission and purpose of the Grange Youth Fair Program is to provide an opportunity for young Grange members to participate in an educational setting designed to increase confidence; strengthen charger; and teach the importance of self-discipline. The program encourages learning opportunities involving all generations; working with voluntary adult leaders, and exhibiting the results of the projects at Fairs and Exhibitions.

The Grange Youth Fair Program is over 30 years old! Operating as a committee within a Grange, the program encourages connection to rural America through livestock and other fair exhibits through a guided program book.

2023 Grange Youth Fair Handbook

Through the leader’s planning, teaching, and encouragement of these young people in their hands-on projects, and the cooperative and competitive experience of exhibiting at fairs they will become more responsible, self-directed, and successful citizens in our society.

For more information regarding the Program, please contact Lillian Booth, Youth Fair Advisory Committee: