Youth, Young Adults and Juniors are invited to join us for the Washington DC Experience. The purpose of the Washington DC Experience is for Junior and Youth/Young Adult aged Grangers from across the country to come together and learn about how the Grange functions on the legislative side. Youth and Juniors will be educated on the many ways in which Grangers and citizens alike can advocate on issues they feel important to shape public policy and communities in which they live.

During the Washington DC Experience, Grangers are invited to get an up-close and behind the scenes look at what government is and how it operates in Washington, DC. Junior and Youth members, along with their leaders/parents, are invited to attend the Washington DC Experience. Junior and Youth Leaders accompanying must adhere to the National Grange Child Protection Policy.

Grangers will attend briefings with important information pertaining to the Grange Legislative Department. Plans will also include meeting with governmental departments (such as Department of Agriculture and Department of Education) meeting with Congressmen and Senators from your state and a tour of DC to be included.

Just as our Grange Declaration of Purposes suggests, we will ensure that our Grange Youth, Young Adults and Juniors “take a proper interest in the politics of one’s country” so they might become the informed and involved citizens required to move America forward and to guarantee a better society for future generations.

Make plans to join us now. Travel and lodging costs are the responsibility of the attendees with a TBA registration fee to cover some meal costs and tours.

See application for the Grange Grassroots Activism Scholarship opportunity.