What is Grange Youth? I’m glad you asked!

The National Grange Youth Program is designed to provide leadership training and life skills training opportunities. There are only two programs that are age specific; all programs are open to all Grange member regardless of age. The goals of the National Grange Youth Development department include providing leadership training through a variety of opportunities such as: Regional Conferences, Ambassador Program, John Trimble Legislative Experience, Mentoring Programs and The National Convention, just to name a few.

Individual life skills are developed through the Achievement Award Program which offers opportunities for exploration in public speaking, communication (Sign-A-Song and Foreign Language), critical thinking, mentoring, and career exploration.

We work with the Junior Grange department in creating opportunities for older Junior Grange members to begin their transition into the Subordinate Grange by encouraging youth to be mentors to those older juniors and by providing opportunities for them to become involved in the Achievement Award Program.


Get your first look at the
2024 Youth Program Handbook

The National Grange Youth Department remains committed to recognizing Youth Achievements through its Youth recognition programs. We look forward to working with all of the youth directors across the country as we go into 2024 with new programming that will help guide us into the future of our organization. Continue to strive to “Be Proud. Be Leaders. Be Grange Youth.”