(formerly Folding Display Contest)

The goal of the Grange Display contest is to create either a digital or folding display that could be utilized at a county fair, library, Grange open house or other forum to promote the Grange, Grange program or Grange issue.

Contest Rules:

  1. All entrants must be youth or young adult members of a subordinate/community Grange
  2. There will be two age divisions of the Folding Display Contest: Youth – Grange members between the ages of 14-21 as of Jan. 1; Young Adult – Grange members between the ages of 22-35.
  3. The display theme must be Grange related. State youth directors must notify National Youth Director by September 1st or after state session, of any entries. (Not required to be a state winner)
  4. All entries must be exhibited at the National Grange Session; members need not attend to participate.
  5. A Grange member may enter as an individual OR as a member of a group. All group entry members must be in the same age division.
  6. Folding Display should be no larger than 3’ x 4’ and should be able to stand by itself. Digital displays must be on a flash drive and in .MP4, .MPG, WMA format.
  7. Displays will be judged on content, organization, originality and neatness.
  8. Grange member will be responsible for shipping arrangements of display to and from National Grange meeting.

Grange Display Evaluation Sheet and Entry Form