• Regional Participants will be divided into two teams: Blue Agates or Golden Sheaves. State affiliations do not matter.
  • Play will last for five innings or an hour and a half. In the case of a tie breaker an
    extra inning will be played.
  • Each team will get 3 outs per inning. (An out is an incorrect answer.)
  • When a player gets up to bat a question will be randomly chosen for them. The difficulty and type of question are based on the following:
    • Single – True/False
    • Double – Multiple Choice
    • Triple- Fill in the Blank
    • Home run – Short Answer
  • The type of base hit will determine the difficulty of the question.
  • Participants will have 15 seconds to answer a single or double question; 30 seconds to answer a triple or homerun question.

Once the teams have been decided, the teams will need to come up with a lineup.  Teams cannot help the batter answer a question.

Statistics will be kept on each individual player. The three players from each region with the best slugging percentages will represent the region at National. These participants will be referred to as “Silver Sluggers”.

For anyone not participating, team cheering sections are highly encouraged. Cheer gear will be provided by the National Grange Youth Department.

Questions will be gathered from: The National Grange roster, youth programs, past trivia challenges, manual, degrees, Grange history books, Digest of Laws, Journal of Proceedings, etc.

Anyone is able to participate at a regional level, only Youth/Young Adults will be able to participate at National session.