Regional Public Speaking Competition

Category A: Prepared Speech

Contestant’s choice of topic – Contestants in Category A will be required to answer an impromptu question at the end of their speech. The questions will be related to the contestant’s chosen speech topic. This will include William Ireland Communication Achievement Award speeches.

Time: Minimum – 4 minutes/Maximum – 7 minutes

Category B-1: Elevator Speech

You’ve met someone in an elevator or been stopped in a restaurant and asked “What is the Grange” your task is to explain what the Grange is to this person in one and one-half minutes (90 seconds).

Category B-2 Radio Spot Contest

A radio spot is an advertisement promoting the Grange. Pretend you’re a “DJ” and you’re doing a commercial for the Grange.

Radio spots should be exactly 60 seconds in length and may include a musical or sound effect introduction and/or background, but may not include a spoken introduction or “tag” by another other than the contestant. If music or sound effect is used, the contestant must provide and operate the sound-making device. The contestant will provide a complete written script (including notations about music/sound effects) to the timekeeper to aid in timing accuracy. Musical/sound effect introductions and endings are considered a part of the radio spot and must not cause the 60 second time limit to be exceeded. The spot should relate to the Grange, be original and created by the contestant.

Category C: Impromptu Speech

An impromptu speech is delivered without preparation or thought ahead of time. No note cards are used, and topics are generally drawn.

  • We hope that by establishing an impromptu speech category that members will build confidence and in the future participate in the prepared speeches or the elevator speech category.
  • Impromptu speeches should be at least one minute in length and not longer than 7 minutes.
  • Time keeper will hold up hand when the 1 minute mark has been reached and then 6.30 minute mark has been reached so speaker knows when he/she can stop.
  • Participants will draw two topics, select their choice of the two and return the other one.
  • Competition will be held at the Regional Conferences – You need not have participated in a state competition in order to participate.
  • Participants must notify National Director of intent to enter prior to the beginning of the contest.
  • Impromptu speaking will be judged on the following criteria:
    • Voice – Spoke clearly, easy to understand;
    • Stage Presence – dressed Neatly and appropriately, posture, nervousness, etc.;
    • Expression – Delivered speech with enthusiasm and emotion;
    • Confidence in speaking, Content of speech;
    • Clarity of thoughts and ideas on topic.
  • One point will be deducted for every 30 seconds a participant is under or over the time established.
  • Score sheet will be returned to entrants.

National Grange will provide ribbons to the top three entrants in each division and age category along with cash prizes.

Best of Show
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Impromptu Speech
Elevator Speech
Radio Spot

One Overall Winner from each region will be selected to show case at the National Grange Convention. Impromptu Public speaking category entries are not eligible for Best of Show. Each Best of Show that show cases at the National Grange convention will receive $100.00. Overall winner must reside in the region of the contest.

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