National Grange Youth Membership Representative Program

Several youth who have shown outstanding leadership qualities, interest in Grange growth, and served as a Horizon Leadership Ambassador or Young Couple will be selected to assist the National Grange Membership Department at G.O.A.L. Seminars, funding permitting.

A selection committee, appointed by the National Youth Development Director, will select the representatives. The committee, along with the National Grange Membership director, will judge the candidates based an interview,
speaking ability, availability to attend a G.O.A.L. Seminar and a written test of Grange knowledge.


  • Assisting the National Membership Director at the G.O.A.L. Seminar
  • Represent the National Grange Youth Department at these membership development events.
  • Participate in follow-up events promoting Grange membership growth.
  • Provide valuable input.

The National Grange Membership and Youth Department will pay for transportation costs and G.O.A.L. Seminar fees.

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