National Youth Ambassadors

mentoringTwo youth, preferably one male and one female, who have shown outstanding mentoring abilities as a Horizon Leadership Ambassador will be selected to serve as the National Grange Youth Ambassadors for a one-year term.

Dependent on Youth department funding, the National Ambassadors will also receive membership development training and assist with National Grange-sponsored activities.  They will also assist with several National Grange Youth Department leadership and development projects.

A selection committee, appointed National Youth Development Director, will select the ambassadors. The committee will judge the candidates based on ambassadorship an interview, speaking ability, and a written test of Grange knowledge.

The first alternates, must be willing to step in should the Ambassadors are not be able to finish his/her term. Their duties would include:

  • Help organize and promote Grange Youth online meetings.
  • Write a minimum of one blog per month for the National Grange Youth page.
  • Assist with ongoing Youth Department activities and projects.
  • Be available to travel as a representative of the National Grange Youth Department, as budgets permit.
  • Assist youth director with management of Grange youth social media for National Session.
  • Helping the Horizon Leadership participants know where things are at the hotel.
  • Greeting upon check-in and helping them find their rooms.
  • Involving those who are reluctant to become involved.
  • Assist the Director with details of convention.  For example in contacting participants when last minute changes are made or instruction are needed, or being at a workshop when Director needs to be somewhere else.
  • Act as a facilitator for workshops when needed.
  • Provide valuable input as to age appropriate workshops.
  • Arrive at convention Tuesday evening or early on Wednesday to allow time to meet with Director before participants arrive.
  • Plan get-acquainted activities for Wednesday evening.
  • Assist and/or lead other Youth events during National Session.

Grange Foundation Youth Leadership Fund will pay transportation costs to the convention, plus motel costs at the convention and the meal functions required to attend (Get acquainted dinner, tour, Horizon Leadership dinner, and celebration banquet, etc.). All other meals would be at their own expense.

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