Grange Jeopardy

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Grange Jeopardy is an exciting event that brings together youth and young adults interested in Grange trivia and history. Individuals have the opportunity to gain knowledge about the Grange, its history and impact on rural America. This fact sheet serves as a guideline to prepare Grangers for a Grange Jeopardy competition.


The Jeopardy program is set up for anyone who has an interest in Grange history, trivia and structure.
Grange Jeopardy gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of the organization in many different areas, while enhancing your critical thinking, problem-solving, communications and listening skills.

The competition is for individuals between the ages of 14-35, as of January 1 of the year competing.


In Jeopardy, individuals compete against each other earning points for correctly answering questions about the Grange and rural issues.

Questions can be obtained by reviewing past national trivia challenges or using Grange resources such as the current edition of the Grange blue manual, Grange publications, websites, Grange digest, Grange bylaws, and history books.


A state selection system will be set up to determine who will compete at the regional level. The winner will be selected by a written Grange knowledge test, developed by the state youth department or a state-level trivia test is available from the National Grange Youth department. The state winner is based on the highest test score. State youth/young adult directors will score the tests.
Each state can send up to three contestants to the regional contest.

The regional contest will be conducted at each regional youth and/ or leader’s conference. The regional contest
will follow the same format as the national contest with several semi-final rounds, based on the number of entrants and one final round.

A minimum of 2 per round advances to the final round. In the case of only one semi-final round, the top six contestants will advance.


The national contest accepts a maximum three contestants from each region. The top 2 per round advance to the final round. In the case of only one semi-final round, the top six contestants will advance. There will be up to four per semi-final round and one final round with up to 8 participants.

Each round consists of six categories, each with five questions, with a point value of 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 points. A maximum of eight players compete at one time.

In round 1 all contestants participate. A random selection of who selects the first question takes place. Contestants
wishing to answer a question must activate the signaling device.

Once a contestant signals to answer the question, the question will be covered. Answers are in the form of a question. If answered incorrectly, the question will reappear for another contestant to answer. Contestants have 15 seconds to signal after the question is completed. Points are awarded for correctly answering questions. There are deductions for wrong answers, answering without signaling, not waiting to be recognized and failing to give an answer. The amount of points deducted is determined by the point value of the question. The player with the last correct answer gets to select the next category and point value.

An individual’s score must be greater than zero to advance to any final of play. The top contestants (up to 4 in each heat) from round 1 will advance to play a second round. At the end of round 2, each contestant will have the opportunity to answer a “Final Jeopardy” question, providing they have positive points. The answer will be in written form. Contestants can wager all, part or none of the points they have accumulated. Rankings are based on top scores. The contestant with the most points is declared the champion.

Please note: All trivia questions and answers prepared for the contest are final and cannot be challenged at the time of the contest.


Regional contest winners will receive:
First Place: $25
Second Place: $20
Third Place: $15

National contest winners will receive:
First Place: A tablet PC donated by DCI Group or similar prize or cash equivalent. Amanda – verify with Burton.
Second Place: $100
Third Place: $50

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