William Saunders Award

William_Saunders_GrangerWilliam Saunders was a botanist, nurseryman, landscape gardener, landscape designer, and horticulturist. As the nation’s chief experimental horticulturalist, he was responsible for the introduction of many fruits and vegetables to American agriculture; with six others he founded the National Grange and Patrons of Husbandry.

Sapphire: Visit a local farm and talk with the farmer about what it is like to run a farm. Write a short essay describing what you learned and send it to the National Youth Director. Or, if you live on a farm, develop a “know your farmer” project that could be shared at a Grange meeting or other outreach program. For example, ag in the classroom, farm-city day, dairy princess promotion or agriculture day on the hill.

Emerald: select an area of interest; learn as much about your selection as you can, prepare an exhibit and exhibit it at a community/county fair, Grange fair or exhibit day or meeting, trade fair, or in a local business. (Examples include: Animals, crops, home improvements, home economics skills, Science, wood working, mechanical, computer technology, photography, art, musical talent, theatrical talents, etc.) Take pictures of your project, keep and write a conclusion about your project. Keep all your information in a notebook and present it to your State Youth Director who will apply for your Achievement Award.

Silver: Develop, print and distribute a brochure, table tent card or display of your Grange and display at your local or state fair. Send a copy of the brochure, table tent card, or a picture of the display to the National Grange Youth Development Director, as well as photos of you at the fair with your display. Or publish a newsletter for your Grange or develop and/or design or maintain a Webpage or create a video or PowerPoint presentation promoting your Grange or a special activity sponsored by the Grange that could also be presented at a local or state fair. Also included are Facebook and YouTube presentations. Send a copy to the National Grange Youth Development Director.

Ruby: Plant a garden or a plant or develop an agriculture enterprise (livestock, dairy, direct farm sales, etc.) and keep a diary of the progress of your plants through pictures and words. Keep all your information in a notebook or record book and present it to your State Youth Director who will apply for your Achievement Award.

Gold: Organize a mutual event with your local FFA, 4-H, or other agricultural organization and your subordinate/community or Pomona Grange. Let these groups explain what they do and do the same for the Grange. Have some kind of activity for the two groups to do together, such as games, discussions about agriculture, etc. Have the appropriate Grange director/Master (president) verify participation and send a copy to the National Youth Director.

Any member who completes all five levels in one calendar year will receive a special Achievement Award lapel pin.

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