Right On Target Award

targetDEADLINE: Sept. 1, 2017

A Granger or a group of Grangers who work together to reach out to the youth in their community can earn this award by setting a goal and sharing their accomplishment. Subordinate, Pomona Grange and State Youth Programs are eligible for consideration.

The goal of their project, the plan of action and result must be submitted to the National Grange Youth Development Director to be considered for the award. Photos are not required but encouraged.

Each member of the planning and implementation committee will receive a certificate of recognition.

While the deadline for reports is Sept. 1, reports can be sent to the National Youth Director at anytime for display
at the National convention. Reports should contain a written summary of what was planned and the results of the project along with pictures that show what happened.

Entries must contain the names of the Grange members working on the project, along with a main contact name, address, phone number, Grange name and number.


  • First Place: $50 and a certificate
  • Second Place: $30 and a certificate
  • Third Place: $20 and a certificate

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