Outstanding Youth Award

DEADLINE: Postmarked by Sept. 1, 2017

This award is designed to recognize outstanding Grange Youth who go above and beyond in leading the Grange through membership development, leadership growth and grassroots efforts.

This award can be designed to meet individual needs, however, they will need to complete the following:

  1. Earn a minimum of three different achievement award seals – can be from the same program or a combination of several.
  2. Complete the Grange Trivia Challenge, earn a minimum of an 80 percent
  3. Complete one of the following ritual elements: demonstrate the salutation, code reading or participate in the presentation of one of the Grange degrees.
  4. Participate in a project that promotes the Grange and/or Grange youth department
  5. Demonstrate leadership in the Grange.

Some examples of projects that will qualify for parts of this award are as follows.

  • Conduct a workshop that you develop and present.
  • Write a resolution and present it to your Grange for consideration.
  • Participate in a legislative event.
  • Organize a letter writing campaign for a worthy cause.
  • Participate in any type of leadership program
  • Share your Grange Spirit by helping create a display for a local event, a brochure promoting a Grange project, event or your local Grange. Help or create a Grange newsletter, or web site, etc.
  • Participate in, promote, spearhead or organize a community service project in your Grange or volunteer at a local charity or charity event.
  • Share your heart by serving as a mentor to a Junior Grange as a helper.
  • Serve as a camp counselor at Junior Grange Camp or some other group.
  • Help your Subordinate, Pomona, or State Lecturer with a program.
  • Other leadership activities or project not mentioned above.

Proof of your accomplishment must be submitted to the National Grange Youth Development Director postmarked by September 1. A simple report, including picture, name, address, Grange name and number or a letter from those you helped can be used a proof. Entries may also qualify for an achievement award seals. Each youth submitting proof will receive a special certificate and a lapel pin in recognition of their individual efforts.

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