Member Recruitment Award

Membership is a valuable part of the Grange experience and it is the responsibility of all members to grow the Grange. Youth are a part of the membership growth process.

To encourage youth and young adults to grow the grange, the youth department in conjunction with the membership department will be recognizing youth and young adults for their recruitment efforts.

The program will run from Oct. 1, 2017 to Sept. 30, 2017

Members recruited can be of any age, must have never joined the Grange before. Membership application forms must be properly submitted to the state Grange.

The award will submitted by your state youth director with verification from the state Master and membership director (if applicable).

Each state can select one Grange youth to be recognized by the National Grange as its State Youth Recruiter of the Year.


  • Number of members recruited in a year
  • Service on a Grange Growth team
  • Assistance with subordinate Grange membership growth activities and/or events
  • Present the four steps of membership recruitment at subordinate grange meeting.

State Youth Recruiter of the Year Awards will be presented during the Youth Days at National Session or, at the request of the state, sent to be presented at a state session.

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