Grassroots Activism Award


Any member who has completed the Sapphire and Emerald John Trimble Legislative Achievement Award requirements is eligible to enter into the Grange Grassroots Activism Award program. The program requires entrants to submit an application to the National Grange Legislative Director along with supporting documents.  CLICK HERE FOR THE GRASSROOTS ACTIVISM AWARD APPLICATION


(1) the completed application form;
(2) a copy of a letter/email you have sent to a state or national representative OR a copy of a published letter to the editor you wrote advocating on behalf of the Grange for a specific policy issue OR a copy of a resolution you have written and presented to your local, Pomona or State Grange, including information on date of presentation
and outcome;
(3) a typed analysis paper of 2,500 to 3,000 words, 12 point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced with 1” margins all around, illustrating the merits of a National Grange policy for the Grange as a whole, your community/
state and/or rural Americans/farmers and an action plan for Grange members across the country to advocate on behalf of that policy;
(4) two letters of reference; one letter from your State Grange Master/President; state Legislative Director; state Youth Director or from a National Grange Officer demonstrating your character, ability for engagement and activism and interest in Grange policy.

If you do not have a State Grange, you may submit two letters from National Officers or one letter from a National Officer or your state’s National Deputy and one letter from another State Master, a National Grange Staff Director or a professor or teacher who understands your Grange involvement.


Two $800 travel scholarships to attend the 2017 National Grange Legislative Fly-In.  All other entrants will receive certificates of participation.

Sponsored by Potomac Grange #1

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