Francis McDowell Trivia Challenge Award

FrancisMcDowellFrancis Marion McDowell was born in Wayne, New York in 1831.  In addition to the common schools at Wayne, he was educated at the institution which has since become Alfred University, in Alfred, New York, and for a time he taught school in his hometown. It was at a fruit fair in Hammondsport, NY that he met William Saunders. The two men became friends at once and Mr. Saunders was a Sunday guest at Mr. McDowell’s home. There they discussed the new Grange movement and Mr. McDowell was greatly interested. The following winter he went to Washington and became associated with the other six Founder of the Grange.

Purpose: To increase the knowledge of Grange trivia, events and world events.

The challenge will be in a written format. The questions will include but not be limited to the Grange fourth degree manual, the digest, Grange history books, the National Grange Officers and Directors, and local news media (national and international stories).

Awards: The award will be a certificate noting the completion of challenge for those who score above 75%.

Challenges may be obtained at any time by contacting the National Youth Development Director or from the National Grange Youth Website at When you have completed the challenge return it to the National Youth Development Director.

Horizon Leadership participants and National Youth Officer Team members will be expected to complete the Trivia Challenge prior to attending and participating in the National convention.
Grange Youth achieving a perfect score on the test will be recognized at National Session during the Youth Activity


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