National Grange Youth Department Selects National Youth Officer Team

LINCOLN,2015 National Grange Youth Officer Team Neb. – The National Grange Youth Officer Team took center stage on Nov. 13 at the 149th National Grange Session at the Cornhusker Hotel, Lincoln, Neb. This team represents a cross-section of youth from across the United States.

The program, sponsored by the National Grange Youth Foundation, provides Grange youth, ages 14-21, and young adults, ages 22-35, the opportunity to conduct the business of the National Grange for the opening of the Friday morning session.

“It is a very unique opportunity for Grange youth to put on a National Grange officer sash and conduct a portion of the business dealings for the 149th session,” said Charlene Shupp Espenshade, National Grange Youth Development Director. “Grangers will pack into the meeting hall to watch the youth open the session.”

Bailey Shufeldt of the Oklahoma State Grange will preside over the meeting as the Master. The drill will be organized by Joshua Bethany of the Florida State Grange and Rachel Edelen of the Iowa State Grange.

In addition to presiding over the meeting, the youth will participate in several youth leadership development trainings, complete a community service project and take in the sites of Nebraska.

Members of the 2015 officer team are as follows:

Master – Bailey Shufeldt, Okla.

Overseer Philip Vonada, Pa.

Lecturer- Samantha Hanson, Iowa

Steward – Darby Madewell, N.C.

Assistant Steward – Joshua Bethany, Fla.

Lady Assistant Steward – Rachel Edelen, Iowa

Chaplain – Melanie Fitch, Ohio

Treasurer – Leah Bardal, Wash.

Secretary – Katie Kurburski, Mich.

Gatekeeper Landan Woolard, N.C.

Ceres – Jessi Jo Gutridge – Ore.

Flora – Marie Jones, N.C.

Pomona – Rylee Furr, N.C.

Executive Committe – Dominick Breton, Colo; Grace Wadsworth, Pa.; Melody Shufeldt, Okla.; Emily Hartsell, N.C.

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