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Midwest Regional Youth Conference


Walcamp Family Campground
32653 Five Points Road
Kingston, IL 60145

Date: July 24 - 26, 2015
Host: Illinois State Grange Youth

As the snow is melting, we are getting excited about the Midwestern Youth Leadership Conference this summer. The weekend is not the same as the original one that was announced, but was changed because of conflicts from multiple states. We hope that allows more people to attend, but understand if you have conflicts.

There are a variety of lodging options so please contact Karie Blasingame at (815) 299-0313 or email to if you have any questions about the accommodations.

We have access to 6 cabins each with 2 beds which can sleep 6 people. We have 3 tent spaces available so if you have your own RV and wish to use one of the RV spots at the campground, please contact Karie Blasingame as soon as possible.

Cost is as follows:

$140 family cabin weekend (one family per cabin)(cost for entire family up to 6 people)

$125 family RV weekend (one family per RV)(cost for entire family up to 6 people)

$100 family tent weekend (one family per tent)(cost for entire family up to 6 people)

$65 person cabin weekend (you will share one cabin with other youth, please indicate if you would be willing to share a bed and with who)

$60 person tent weekend (I will provide the tent, you will share with other youth, you need to provide an air mattress or something to sleep on)

Family rates apply to the cost of camp: for instance if 3 members of an immediate family are attending and they would like to share a cabin the cost would be full price for 1st family member and ½ price for every family member after that. ($65 + $32.50 + $32.50 = $130)

There will be Junior Grange activities beginning Saturday morning and continuing throughout the weekend. This is a fun event to attend as an entire family. Juniors may attend all day Saturday without spending the night, but please discuss with either the State Grange Youth director (Karie) or the State Grange Junior director (Sarah Meyers) as we might need more adults to stay to help with extra juniors.

We have the opportunity for those ages 6th grade and above to participate in paintball depending on the interest of this activity. If you are under 18 years of age and interested in the paint ball activities, please contact Karie Blasingame for a parental permission form. Anyone without a parental permission form will not be be able to participate in the paintball activities.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.